Testimony of the Lord’s work in my life

My name is Railean Gleb and I am 11 years old, I have been attending the Drokia Corps (Moldova) since my birth, my mother and grandmother are soldiers of this corps.

At the age of four I became seriously ill, I was diagnosed with diabetes 1, another words an insulin dependent. This was a serious test for me and my family. Only God gave us strength and hope to cope with difficulties.  

However, we felt support and prayers of many, even those I personally did not know.

Thanks to God that The Salvation Army helped me, and through the children’s sponsorship project, they purchased test to do sugar measuring and needles to syringes. Must confess, it was a significant financial help for my family.

I very much feel the work of God in my life and strongly believe that God will heal me.

God blessed my family by giving me younger brother, I was praying for it for a long time.

I am very thankful to those who pray for me, these prayers support me. Despite the fact that I have been ill for seven years, I have no health problems and this is only thanks to God’s care for me. I want to thank God that He loves me and always supports me.