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Do you see the road-signs?

Last week I wrote about the fact that the way comes before life. It does that because God shows his grace by revealing himself in the miracle of the extravagance of life on our planet. Any other explanation to this miraculous life than a great Creator, seems illogical, and when a person tries to find out […]

Stay on the road!

Driving in Eastern Europe is an interesting experience, and sometimes it takes us on some incredible roads. Occasionally I wonder if the ground I am driving on really is a road. However, I have not yet been in a situation where I have not been able to reach the destination because of the quality of […]

Do you believe this?

This is a very simple question that requires an equally simple answer: ‘Yes’ or ‘no’. The context is Jesus’ conversation with a grieving Martha. Together with her sister Mary, Martha had just buried Lazarus, their brother. Jesus said to her: “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, […]

From lamb to shepherd

Is it possible to go from being a lamb to becoming a shepherd? If we restrict ourselves to experiences solely from the physical world, I must admit it is too far a stretch for me. However, in the spiritual world this seems to be the desired progress, and one of the attributes of the life […]

Through the gate of life

It is interesting that the preposition ‘through’ is closely linked to all the ‘attributes of life’ as they are presented by Jesus in John’s gospel. The statement: ‘as He is, we are in this world’ (1) should likewise always be linked with ‘through’. If I want to live in this world as He is in this world, I realize that this […]

The light of life

The second of Jesus’ “I am” statement, is “I am the Light of the world!” (1). Even though there is no problem associating the other attributes of Jesus with his followers, the attribute of being “Light of the world” Jesus explicitly also assign to his followers. In his sermon on the mount, he said: “You are the light of […]

The world needs bread!

I remember the Biafra crisis (1). Researchers consider this hunger-catastrophe to be the first humanitarian crisis that through media really managed to create engagement all over the world. My family had shortly before the crisis inherited a TV-set, and the pictures of the hungry and skinny kids made a huge impact on an 11-year-old boy.   For […]

The attributes of life

If my mission is to bring Christ’s life to people, it is important that I know the attributes of his life. If I know what these are, this should also be the attributes of my life. Because, as he is, we are in this world (1). Last week I focused on some of these attributes in one […]

What comes before life?

I am back with my weekly reflections and the last greeting was “Live the mission”. Our mission is to bring the life of Christ to people – linked to my focus for the year. Many books have been written about the theme: ‘putting first things first’. Whether the context is leadership, time-management, values or any other […]

The salvation army moldova is getting ready for 25th anniversary celebration

Dear friend, The Salvation Army in Moldova is going to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2019. This significant event for us will take place on June 22 2019. We encourage you and all your friends to mark this day in your calendar. Please, join us in our prayers for God`s richest blessings, leading us in […]