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Three Days and Four Stories

https://youtu.be/B8RVdtGGyp8 In the late Friday evening in a small kitchen, The Salvation Army officers and the soldier, Levan, Nino and Pavle are getting ready for the night trip to Tbilisi. Nino is taking care of the meal while Capt. Levan and Pavle are dividing the hot mean in the containers. There is also a huge thermos filled with tea. The car is loaded, and the rod leads us to Kote Abkhazi Street. As Major Nino explains to me, they know the homeless people in this trajectory as they got meal the first place every night in previous years. It is already ten years The Salvation Army volunteers’ takes turns at nights to carry out daily night meals in the cold streets of the city. […]

Call on the Lord in every situation and He will answer you

I have seen many episodes in the horror movies when it seems that the world temporarily stops to exist -Empty streets, parks without chattering children, closed shopping malls – such scenes scares me. I would never imagine that it could be reality in my life. The year of 2020 was able to bring those “movie […]

My name is Stefan

My name is Stefan and I am 11 years old. Before I met God, I was a naughty child. I was uncommunicative and had no friends at school. I didn’t want to stay at home when my father was drunk. I often argued with him and did not obey him. A year ago, when my […]

You helped me to be born, You helped me to breath

You helped me to be born, You helped me to breath, You helped me to grow, to know and don’t fall underneath.  To get to know my Daddy and read my Bible everyday I want to be changed and with Jesus I want to stay. To be happy I want to be and improve the […]

Self Denial appeal 2020

  Please see The Salvation Army in Moldova Bank account details to make a donation: please, Press ‘Donate’ to view and download The Salvation Army Moldova bank account details Download


MARINA YEGOROVA “Kropyvnytskyi” Corps  Training place in “Kiev Mayak” Corps Ukraine TEONA JIKIA “Ponichala” Corps  Training place “Samgori” Corps Georgia ALEXEY BOLGAR “Dubossary” Corps  Training place “Chisinau Central” Corps Moldova MADONA MIZILINI “Ponichala” Corps  Training place “Tbilisi Central” Corps Georgia ALEXANDER POROZHNYUK “New Balti” Corps  Training place “Drochia” Corps Moldova MARIA GAVRILOVA (POROZHNYUK) “New Balti” […]

Testimony of the Lord’s work in my life

My name is Railean Gleb and I am 11 years old, I have been attending the Drokia Corps (Moldova) since my birth, my mother and grandmother are soldiers of this corps. At the age of four I became seriously ill, I was diagnosed with diabetes 1, another words an insulin dependent. This was a serious […]

Aussies shift into overdrive to get Moldova motoring

Through the generous support of The Salvation Army Australia Territory, two new vehicles have been bought to help keep the Army in the Moldova division on the move. Eastern Europe Territorial Commander Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge said there was a high level of excitement in the division when the vehicles were bought. Kelvin said Moldova was […]