On His way!!!

My name is Ghenea Emil, my friends and acquaintances call me Emil. I am from Romania, from Craiova Corps and I serve in Ialoveni Corps in Moldova.

I am 27 years old and I am in the Salvation Army for almost 11 years.

I was born in a hospital and left there by my mother. For two years the doctors and nurses took care of me, but after that the government took me and brought me to an infant care facility and then I was placed into an orphanage. Since then I have been moved from place to place. There are more than 20 years since I am moving around, it happens even now, it was not my choice nor my wish, but it happened.

At the age of 17 years and 11 months I met the Salvation Army, they were in my city for three months.

I wanted to learn guitar since young, but I didn’t have the financial possibility to do it. But captain Ionut Sandu gave me guitar lessons for free. In time I got closer to the Salvation Army.

I had many doubts about the Salvation Army, because it was something new to me, especially when I saw these uniforms, even though it seemed strange to me that they were going to the church like this.

I was attending the Orthodox Church, but I wanted something more, better said God wanted and wants something more from me.

I was the first who started the soldier lessons, but that does not mean that I have become the first soldier. I’ve been postponing this for almost three years, I told you I had doubts.

Well I asked God for a sign.

Captain Ionut’s wife, Roxana had a complicated pregnancy. When we prayed for it I also prayed God for a sign to know if I should become a soldier. That if Karina will be born healthy, I will become a soldier.

Karina was born, but I didn’t become a soldier.

I delayed this for 6 months. On December 5 2010, when Karina was dedicated, I became a soldier. Since then I had only hardships, and on those hardships were many blessings, though I did not deserve them.

Today I am here only because of God. This is His way for me.

Long ago I applied to become an officer in the Salvation Army, a servant before Him. Today I am a cadet, tomorrow an officer and a soldier always.

As we believe the Holy Spirit is working, I believe that all this way up here and what will be is the work of God. I’m glad to be the Messenger of Compassion. The world needs this.