My name is Stefan

My name is Stefan and I am 11 years old. Before I met God, I was a naughty child. I was uncommunicative and had no friends at school. I didn’t want to stay at home when my father was drunk.

I often argued with him and did not obey him. A year ago, when my mother brought me to   Church, my character began to change slowly. At Church the Sunday School teachers taught how to respect parents and how to have an obedience. I began to respect my father. Now I have made friends, and I fell in love with communication.

Thanks to God, my life has changed. I love reading the Bible and I started   talking with God. We are attending recruitment courses at Church, and I will soon become a junior soldier of the Salvation Army. I am thankful to Lord for my shepherds, who taught me to love and not shut myself off from society.