Mobile Clinic

The standards of medical care in Moldova are lower than in many other European countries. Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and one of the thirty most corrupt countries in the world.

In Moldova, patients need to pay for prescribed medication (children under the age of five are exempt), as well as medical procedures that are considered optional, such as cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, therapeutic massages, and most laboratory testing. In addition, patients may also unofficially pay doctors, consultants, and medical staff. Such payments can take the form of a gift or cash.

In recent years, the health care system in Moldova has improved, but still there is a lack of modern medical equipment in hospitals.

Almost all positive change in Moldova’s health care system has taken place in the cities. In rural areas, for instance, the health care network still does not achieve a high standard. The country is lacking good medical personnel, since doctors receive very low wages, forcing many to leave their professions for other employment opportunities.

Almost all residents of remote villages still do not have access to professional medical care. Many have never left their villages for any reason, notwithstanding better medical treatment. The average wage in rural areas in Moldova is about 150-200 USD per month. However, many villagers never have any real money, since they trade their products for other goods, such as clothes. Pensions in rural areas, for instance, are between 50 – 80 USD per month. People with disabilities receive the lowest pension at about 30 USD. Many of them can only afford bread for a meal, and sometimes not even on a daily basis.

Rural hospitals offer limited care, maybe including basic specialized treatment and some forms of surgery.

The Salvation Army provides medical care to underprivileged people in Moldova’s villages. Our Mobile Clinic has been set up to provide medical care in 12 different villages, 3 times per year. The Mobile Clinic provides rural residents with professional medical consultation, some medicines, and many other types of medical support.