Help for the elderly

Never before in our world’s history have more people reached an old age than they do today. Nowadays, medical care can slow down or even prevent many health problems traditionally associated with old age. However, these technologies have yet arrived in Moldova. Due to economic and political crises, the government in Moldova cannot provide elderly people with sufficient medical care or any alternative form of support. Instead of experiencing a comfortable retirement, the vast majority of elderly people in Moldova are likely to be poor, lonely, sick, weak, and live an isolated life.

The sources of this problem are diverse. One particular problem is the exodus of many unemployed people of working age who leave Moldova in order to earn money in another country. Often, their elderly are abandoned without providing sufficient care or financial support. Some unemployed Moldovans begin drinking heavily out of despair, and can even commit offenses against their elderly parents.

We consider elderly people in Moldova to be one of the most vulnerable groups in our country. The Salvation Army offers support through:

  • Sponsoring project for the elderly “Adopt a grandmother”
  • Elderly Clubs


The Seniors Club in Belt is being visited by 23-25 people on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Visitors receive a warm meal and fellowship.